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Previous Meetings (Archive)
May 3 meeting
  The May meeting was held at the So. Houston Chamber.

This meeting began with a "Pot-Luck" lunch.

The new officers were installed in a ceremony in which each member placed a flower into a vase and talked briefly about their experiences in the Writers' Club, . The Officials, elected in our April meeting are:

  • President     Donnell Onnen
  • Vice Pres.   Bill Bage
  • Secretary   Melinda Ubina
  • Treasurer   Lytle Seibertand

    Results of the annual Article contest were announced.
    There were seven entries submitted in April:

  • "Devil Eggs?" by Rosemary Olson (First place)
  • "The Almighty Dollar" by Bill Bage (Second place)
  • "Why is Dyslexia So Hard to Spell?" by Rosemary Olson (Third place)
  • "Border Crossings" by Dave Baker
  • "American Cancer Society Fundraiser" by Debi Fairchild
  • "Red, White, and Blue" by Lytle Seibert
  • "Social Strata" by Winifred Schramm
    A cash prise will be awarded for the First Place winner

    We then held our Red Bowl contest, postponed from previous meetings. There were Seven entries:

  • "Limericks" by Winifred Schramm
  • "1908" by Roger Bender
  • "Red, White, and Blue" by Lytle Seibert
  • "The Poem I could Have Written" by John Devine
  • "Lonesome Memories" by Jerry Sullivan
  • "Yippers, Yappers, Boofers, and Bayers" by Bill Bage
  • "The Sacrifice" by Kay DEnison (winner)
  • Apr. 5 meeting
      At the April 5 meeting, Sharon Mignerey gave a workshop on "Plotting Strategy"

    A vote was made on the purchase of a small bookcase to be left in the meeting room. This will allow books brought in by members to be left in the meeting room rather than having to lug them back and forth each month.

    The vote on revisions to the By-Laws as submitted at the March Meeting has been postponed. (See below for a list of suggested revisions).

    The Red Bowl contest has been postponed until the May meeting.






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