Writers' Club of Pasadena
Pasadena, Texas

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Writers' Club of Pasadena


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Developed By
Roger Bender

  Membership shall be open to any adult having a sincere desire to write.
  The amount of dues shall be changed at the club's discretion ($20.00 a year due in May.)  Those joining late in the year shall pay a proporational part.
  Anyone not paying dues for a year shall be dropped from membership and will not receive the "Pasadena Pen".
  All paid members may enter contests.
  Visitors are always welcome but may not vote on motions or participate in the red-bowl contest.
  Non-members may enter any of the annual contests after payment of a $5.00 fee per entry.

  The Writer's Club has been an ongoing networking group for writers for over 40 years with Published Authors such as Maxine Holder, B.K. Reeves, Kimberly Ivy, Mark Harkins, Eula Rae McCown and playwrite and poet Wenifred Schram to name a few.
Writers new to the craft and unpublished, share their ideas and insight as well.
We offer Contests, Critique Groups, Speakers and Workshops.
  We welcome Local Writers and Artists to join us and promote their work on our web page.
Speakers are always welcome to attend, provide a workshop, or promote publishing, editing, illustration, etc.
  Visitors are always welcome.
If you are interested in writing. sharing your work with others, bringing new ideas and knowledge of the craft. join us for support and inspiration.