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Developed By
Roger Bender



1. Contests shall be open to all paid members of the Writers Club of Pasadena to entering contests.
2. Contest entries must be turned into the Contest Chairman on or before the agreed deadlines.
3. Entries should be prepared without the author's name and only bear the title of the work.
The title and the author's name, address, and phone number should be on a separate cover sheet and submitted with the work.
The cover sheet will be retained by the Contest Chairman and the work itself submitted to the judge. This assures anonymity of the entrants.
First, Second, Third Prizes, and Honorable Mention will be awarded .
4. The First Prize will receive a cash prise and the others will receive certificates.
5. Contests are now open to non-members for a fee of $5.00.
First "cash" prize will depend on the number of "paid" entries with a standard minimum of $25.00

Descriptions of the contests:

Short Story Contest
  Deadline: November Meeting

  1. No longer than 3500 words
  2. No set division of categories.

Poetry Contest
  Deadline: February Meeting

  1. Any subject
  2. Any style- traditional to contemporary
  3. May be light or serious
  4. There is no line limit.
  5. May submit three poems but win only one prize.

Article Contest
  Deadline: April Meeting

  1. No longer than 2500 words
  2. No set division of categories.

The Sybil Hancock Children's Writing Contest
  Deadline: August Meeting

  1. No longer than 2500 words
  2. Entries may be fiction or non-fiction
  3. One first prize awarded for entire contest.
  4. May be for children or teenagers.