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  The Writers' Club of Pasadena meets the first Saturday of each month.
from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.

The next meeting will be Sat. September 6, 2008

South Houston Chamber
58 Spencer Hwy
South Houston, TX


Scheduled Events
Membership Fees are due. ($12.00)
  The next meeting will be held Saturday September 6 at the So. Houston Chamber of Commerce building/

Short Story contest entries are due at the November meeting.

Previous Meetings
August 2 
  (These notes are courtesy of Dave Baker)
Lytle gave a presentation of his life-long work of teaching English including descriptions of the problems of motivating students and presented the materials he prepared to teach industrial skills.

Bill made a strong plea for contributions for the upcoming writing contests.
He really would like 100% participation

Red Bowl submissions were postponed to September to allow for more participation.

Short Story contest entries are due at the November meeting.

July 5 
  John Devine was presented with a certificate naming him an Honorary Member. This was approved by earlier phone conversations between the President and the members. This award is in recognition of his numerous contributions to the club, but especially his considerable time and personal funds spent in compiling and publishing the collection of works by club members.

Members were reminded that entries for the Sybil Hancock Childrens Writing Contest are due at the next meeting.
There are two catagories, one for younger children and one for children 12 and older.

Members were asked to submit entries (photographs or paintings) for and art exhibit. Entries may be left at the Qwik Copy across from the main Post Office. The Poetry Club members will write poems on each submitted item.

Bill Bage has had two of his short stories selected for inclusion in a book "Haunted Voices, Haunted Places." This is being published and will be marketed as a college reader.

Wendy Schramm's book "Science in Poetry" will be available in the Teacher's Book Store on Center St. in Deer Park (near Helyer transmission).

Guest Pat Vance talked about writing articles, use of quotations, guidlelines for writers, and submitting queries. Among her numerous credentials, she had taught Journalism and Literature at Rayburn High School and had sponsored that school's newspaper. She has had numerous articles published in the Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, Pasadena Citizen, Deer Park Progress and other papers.
She is a member of "Inspirational Writers Alive" which meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Pasadena Town Square Community Room (6:00 P.M.)

The Red Bowl contest had five entries:

  • Wendy Schram presented "Limericks"
  • John Devine presented "Snowscape" which reflected on a painting done by his in-laws
  • Lytle Seibert presented "The Terrible Teens"
  • Roger Bender presented "The Apparition"
  • Bill Bage presented "Hill Country Riverside"
    Voting resulted in a three way tie between John Devine, Roger Bender, and Bill Bage
    A re-vote was suggested, but as these were the only works receiving votes, it was conclude that everyone would vote exactly as they had done in the first round. A drawing was held and Roger Bender's entry was declared the winner.

    A door prize raffle was won by guest Pat Vance

  • June 7 meeting
      The Theme of the June 7 meeting was poetry, with Wendy Schramm giving a program on the emotions conveued in poetry.
    She included examples from the Bible and from Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edna St. Vincent Millay, John Gillespie Magee, Louis Untermeyer, and Sarah Teasdale as well as some from her own poetry.
    A discussion of poetry followed.

    Ten members were present plus one guest, music teacher Bonnie Gilbert.

    A theme was suggested for the July Red Bowl contest.  Entries are to be a poem or story based on a photo, work of art, or sculpture.

    May 3 meeting
      The May meeting was be held at the So. Houston Chamber.

    This meeting began with a "Pot-Luck" lunch.

    The new officers were installed in a ceremony in which each member placed a flower into a vase and talked briefly about their experiences in the Writers' Club, . The Officials, elected in our April meeting are:

  • President     Donnell Onnen
  • Vice Pres.   Bill Bage
  • Secretary   Melinda Ubina
  • Treasurer   Lytle Seibertand

    Results of the annual Article contest were announced.
    There were seven entries submitted in April:

  • "Devil Eggs?" by Rosemary Olson (First place)
  • "The Almighty Dollar" by Bill Bage (Second place)
  • "Why is Dyslexia So Hard to Spell?" by Rosemary Olson (Third place)
  • "Border Crossings" by Dave Baker
  • "American Cancer Society Fundraiser" by Debi Fairchild
  • "Red, White, and Blue" by Lytle Seibert
  • "Social Strata" by Winifred Schramm
    A cash prise will be awarded for the First Place winner

    We then held our Red Bowl contest, postponed from previous meetings. There were Seven entries:

  • "Limericks" by Winifred Schramm
  • "1908" by Roger Bender
  • "Red, White, and Blue" by Lytle Seibert
  • "The Poem I could Have Written" by John Devine
  • "Lonesome Memories" by Jerry Sullivan
  • "Yippers, Yappers, Boofers, and Bayers" by Bill Bage
  • "The Sacrifice" by Kay DEnison (winner)
  • Apr. 5 meeting
      At the April 5 meeting, Sharon Mignerey gave a workshop on "Plotting Strategy"

    A vote was made on the purchase of a small bookcase to be left in the meeting room. This will allow books brought in by members to be left in the meeting room rather than having to lug them back and forth each month.

    The vote on revisions to the By-Laws as submitted at the March Meeting has been postponed. (See below for a list of suggested revisions).

    The Red Bowl contest has been postponed until the May meeting.






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