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Pasadena, Texas

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Writers' Club of Pasadena
Pasadena, Texas


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Article I       Name:
  The name of this club shall be The Writers' Club of Pasadena.
Article II      Object:
  The object of the club shall be as follows: To promote and encourage creative writing among its members in perfecting their skills, and to advise members on marketing their materials
Article III     Officers:
  The elected officers of the club shall be:
President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
Officers are elected to serve one year, beginning their term in June and ending it the following May.

Committee Chairpersons:
The President shall appoint committee chairpersons as the Executive Committee sees fit to carry on the business of the club.
Standing committees shall be Social, Publicity, and Contest.

Article IV      Officers’ Duties:
The President shall preside at all meetings. The President shall establish a joint checking account with the Treasurer, in the club’s name, enabling either to deposit or disperse club funds.

The Vice-President shall function as Program Chair and shall plan programs several months in advance (having consulted with the President.) He/She shall preside in the absence of the President.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of the meetings and of special committee meetings. He/She shall keep all records except those designated to the Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall report the financial status of the club at each meeting. He/She shall have a joint checking account with the President

Article V       General Duties:
  The above officers’ duties shall be those listed and those others generally embodied in the names of the offices. Officers and Chairpersons of committees shall constitute an Executive Committee to act when needed.
If an officer finds he/she cannot carry out his/her duties, he/she shall submit a written resignation.
Upon acceptance of this resignation, the President shall appoint someone to fill the position until the next election.
Article VI      Duties of Committee Members:
  Contest Chair: The Contest Committee shall obtain competent judges for the four annual contests. The Chair shall preside over the awards and present them to the winners.

Social Chair: This committee shall plan and execute plans for the Christmas party and the May meeting.

Publicity Committee: This committee shall include the Editor of the Pasadena Pen, the Publisher of the Pen, the Reporter, and the Webmaster/Webmistress.
    The Editor shall write "The Pen."
The Publisher shall duplicate, address, and mail copies of the Pen to dues-paying members. The Publisher shall be reimbursed monthly.
The Reporter shall write and send news stories about Writers Club of Pasadena and Calendar announcements to area newspapers. The Reporter shall keep a press book of clippings about the club activities. The Reporter shall keep records of expenses and be reimbursed by the Treasurer annually.
The Webmaster/Webmistress shall maintain a web site, publish information about the Club, and Email other writers’ groups and publications


Article VII     Dues:
  Revised July 2007
The amount of dues shall be changed at the club's discretion (at present $12.00 a year due in May.)
Those joining late in the year shall pay a proporational part.
Anyone not paying dues for a year shall be dropped from membership and will not receive the "Pasadena Pen".
All paid members can enter contests.
Article VIII    Membership:
  Membership shall be open to any adult having a sincere desire to write. Visitors are welcome but may not enter the annual contests. (Revised Dec. 2007 to allow non-members to enter contests after payment of a $5.00 entry fee)
Article IX      Meetings:
  Meetings shall be held at 1 p.m. on the first Saturday of each month.
Article X       Elections:
  Officers shall be elected in April and installed in May.
Nominations shall be made by a committee of three elected at the February meeting.
At least two members of this committee should not be members of the Executive Committee.
Nominations may be made from the floor.
Article XI      Amendments to By-Laws:
  Amendments to the By-Laws may be made when presented in writing and read to members at a regular session, and a majority vote of dues-paying members is cast.
Article XII     Parlimentary authority:
  The current Robert’s Rules Of Order shall be the authority for this organization.
Article XIII    Order of business:
  Order of business for meetings shall be:
Call to order
Minutes of the previous meeting
Treasurer’s report
Officer’s reports
Committee reports
Unfinished business
New business